This is the reason why i photograph.  I am a member of the Christchurch Photographic Society and i am always learning and trying to improve my skills.  Being apart of the club i regularly enter photo competions that are judged and critiqued which has helped train my eye, looking for the little things that make or break a good image.  

I am also a member of PSNZ (Photographic Society of New Zealand) in 2022 i applied for my Licentiate Honours and passed with the following digital set.  So i am able to have the letters LPSNZ after my name.  




I am a real animal person at heart, i have grown up with dogs and cats and had my own horses.  I worked as a groom in Nz and the Uk as well as having my own.  Working as a harness racing, polo, event and livery yard groom and some yearling prep.  I lived and breathed horses for about 10 years.  

Growing up mum and i used to show dogs, and i have memories of a cat that we entered into shows, so of course i entered my horses in some local shows.  

Recently i have enjoyed photographing dog agility and events like pool parties.  Currently i am unable to have my own dog/s so i get great joy out of capturing the many personalities and the bonds they have with their owners. There is always alot of laughs involved. 

I have been brought up with the moto that animals are apart of the family and all they want is to be loved and give love.  

The world is a much better place with animals in it. 



I love going to events and special occasions and capturing the story and the relationship.  My images are always capturing the fun that is being had and the connection between the people/animals that im photographing.  Telling a story that becomes a memory.



I love being outdoors, travelling around discovering and capturing the beauty around me.  Flowers, native birds and animals, sunsets/sunrises.....going places i havent been before.  We really do live in a beautiful country, since taking up photography i have been to a few cool places that i didnt even know about.  Even right hear in Christchurch... so much more to explore.



My 1 hour family and or pet portrait sessions are fun and have a relaxed feel.  I know that many people feel uncomfortable infront of the camera, including myself.  I normally shoot outdoors in a garden, beach, forrest or somewhere that people feel happy in.  Its my job to get you to relax and have a laugh resulting in natural/candid photos.  



Capturing and recording your special day is a privilege, being well organised and building a rapour with my clients i think is key.  I provide a 1hr free engagement shoot to whoever books me to shoot their special day.  This allows you and i to get to know each other a bit so on the big day you are more relaxed infront of the camera.  

If you are interested in working with me, id love to be apart of your special day and would be happy to meet with you.  My style of photography is fun, natural and candid.